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Be a water car pro and convert your car to run on water and reap the benefits !

Would you like to know how you can convert car to water and save up on fuel costs ? This technology is becoming increasingly popular, and is being implemented in many new hybrid cars. Due to rising gas prices, people are searching for fuel alternatives for their cars.

1. Be a Water Car Pro

To successfully make your car run on water, you will need to extract a certain gas called Brown Gas (HHO) from it. However, our cars are unable to do this unless a conversion system is built and attached to them. You may also have seen reports on Fox News of people using water as a fuel source to run their vehicles, and they are using exactly this technology.

2. Will installling the Water Gas System Damage Your Car ?

This was another one of my main concerns, since I did not want to risk damaging my car while installing this system. Fortunately, I have been able to attach and remove this system from my car easily, without leaving any traces behind or damaging it. The whole setup took me less than an hour, and I had to spend about $100 to acquire the parts necessary to build this system at a hardware store.

3. Why I Desperately Wanted to Convert My Car to Water

After doing much research on the process of running a car on gasoline, one of the facts I discovered was that our car engines’ only burn 20% of all the gas that we put in, while the rest is completely wasted on pollution, heat and noise. It was therefore obvious to me that I was wasting too much money on gasoline, so I have decided to become a Water Car Pro to know more about this water fuel technology, so as to save money and better my gas mileage.