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Running your vehicle on a mixture of wate rand gas. Is it a good idea ?

Do you want to save over 60% of your fuel costs while cleaning your car’s engine all at once? You may already have heard of cars running on half water half gas. It’s a technology that was invented 90 years ago, but the results were never widespread around the world as the oil industry didn’t really like them. Today high gas prices combined with the communicating power of the Internet makes this simple technology more available worldwide.

How Can You Run Your Car on a mixture of Water & Gas?
As you may already know, gas by itself is quite inefficient as almost 75% of the energy produced is wasted due to the heat factor. Only 25% of the fuel is used to move your vehicle. There is however a quickly and easy way to increase gasoline efficiency and produce less pollution at the same time. It’s about running a car on a mixture of gasoline and water.

Here is how it works. Half water half gas technology uses the extra electricity generated by the battery to turn water into oxygen and hydrogen. It uses the engine’s vacuum system to properly blend the hydrogen and oxygen with gasoline. The gas is then burned more fully, which saves you money.

It’s a Do-It-Yourself technology that was designed for people with no special tools and who are on a tight budget. A simple device can be installed in 30 minutes and it takes only a few seconds to remove it. All you need to do is to build it using hardware and tools that won’t cost more than $25-$100.

Will everybody use this technology in the near future? Probably not and there is a good reason for that. Most people are lazy and they will never take the time of installing and maintaining this simple device. It requires effort, not much but a little. The vast majority do not even take the time to check their oil, water fluid, or tire pressure on a regular basis. So you might guess they will never make the little effort to turn their car to run on a mixture of water & gas.